Stuart Wilhoite

Managing Partner

Beginning his career in Digital when modem speeds were just 14.4k, Stuart has over 2 decades of experience bringing digital solutions to market. His management style is all about the team, something he learned from 45 years of playing ice hockey. It’s that team spirit that has shaped Levy Online into the one of the highest quality digital agencies in the country.

Alex Martin

VP of Digital Marketing

Alex comes from a strong paid digital background, where his experience with thousands of advertisers big and small gave him a diversity rarely seen in the field. He applies the same tenacity, analytical fortitude and creative thinking he used to excel in this environment to Levy's business development. His passion for random knowledge makes him an ideal pub trivia partner and his favorite activities are traveling to obscure destinations, snowboarding and playing basketball.

Dave Wilson

Director of Digital Marketing

Dave eats, sleeps & lives digital marketing. He loves it so much he actually proposed to his wife with a Facebook ad, by specifically targeting her. In case you are wondering, the ad converted and the ROI continues to increase. When he is not eating, sleeping or living he is most likely gaming or spending time with his family.

William Kammer

Director of SEO

William Kammer is our director of SEO. He oversees all organic search efforts, keeps up on the latest advances in the industry, implements strategies, and has an amazing track record for our clients. When he's not dominating the search results for our clients, he's usually playing the banjo and/or bingeing shows on Netflix.

Barbara Talbot

Director of Design & Development

Barbara Talbot is our Director of Design & Development. With over ten years in tech and web development she leads the technical planning, execution and launch of website design projects and oversees post-launch maintenance. She stays up-to-date with the newest industry enhancements and implements new techniques into our development workflow. Her favorite pastimes include hiking and traveling to new places and she is a self-diagnosed tea-addict.

Samuel Orf

Art Director

Samuel Orf is a senior web designer. Armed with only his sketchbook and a copy of Photoshop, Sam meticulously creates mockups and designs for everything from our company business cards to robust and responsive websites. If you can't find Sam at his desk sketching icons, he is likely researching the the best possible television set or crying at the movies.

Richard Sese

Senior Web Developer

Richard Sese is one of our web developers responsible for transforming our stellar web designs into a functional and elegant live website. With an never-ending zest for research and knowledge, no API is too complex to integrate nor client solution too impossible to achieve in Richard's mind. Every site he works on is carefully crafted with a harmonious combination of functionality and flair. When he isn't nose deep into his code editor, he's rolling D20's and slaying Orcs in the many tabletop games he attends.

Jimmy Winskowski

SEO Team Leader

Jimmy Winskowski is an SEO, web design, and content marketing specialist with over five years of digital marketing experience. During that time he’s worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from mom and pop shops to powerhouse brands like Dell and Discover. His offline hobbies include basketball, boating, and spending time with his wife and their very active toddler.

Jon Swango

Paid Media Specialist

Jon is a PPC account manager here at Levy Online. He fell naturally into digital marketing and loves the competitive nature of the business. He feels it’s the perfect mix of creativity, data analysis and technology. When not at work he’s likely A/B testing a new craft beer at the local pub or hiking out at Red Rock Canyon.

Jong Castillo

Web Developer

Jong is a hybrid between a web developer and designer with a passion for development. She became interested in web development when floppy disks and GIFs were still the thing. When she is not buried in design and coding, Jong is likely spending time with her husband, watching volleyball matches or shopping.

Ryan Smith

Paid Media Specialist

Ryan Smith is a self-proclaimed data nerd with a love for marketing. His programming background helps him build successful, cohesive digital campaigns with full online tracking. Ryan is a Google Contributor and one of a few Google Partner Ambassadors that provides material to Google to help Partner Agencies gain knowledge of performance and tactics.

Nick Kohli

Paid Media Specialist

Nick began his career in paid search back in 2007 as a part of a 13 member Google ETO team, the success of which expanded the operation for Google across several countries and continents today. He is experienced in building and managing thousands of digital marketing campaigns in various verticals, ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar spends. A seasoned global traveler who has lived and worked in multiple countries, Nick will jump at any chance to explore new places with his wife and two children.

Nikko Laochua

SEO Specialist

Nikko took an interest in digital marketing when he was attending business school back home in Michigan. He likes how the industry is always changing and that there is always something new to learn. When he's not optimizing landing pages, he's likely watching his favorite movies or TV shows and playing poker.

Johnny Rathmann

Visual Designer

Johnny is a multi-talented designer with over 17 years of experience cooking up digital creations of every flavor imaginable. He's also a motion graphics fanatic, breathing life into his designs through the use of Adobe Animate and After Effects. When he's not pushing pixels, you can find him in his studio creating music or working on art.

Kristina Spurlock

Project Manager

Kristina brings to the Levy Online team more than 15 years of experience in organizing and delivering successful digital marketing and web development projects across a multitude of industries including banking, manufacturing, travel, events, legal and advertising. Originally from Tennessee, Kristina now resides in Henderson, Nevada, where she enjoys cooking, writing, jewelry design and hiking with her son.

Steffan Hernandez

Senior SEO Account Manager

Steffan is an entrepreneurial spirited SEO specialist with over five years of digital marketing experience. He has worked hands-on with a variety of clients from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies to increase their organic search presence. When he's not performing technical SEO audits, Steffan is spending time with his family and polishing up his golf game.

Chris Olson

Paid Media Specialist

Chris Olson is an experienced PPC account manager with a proven track record for getting clients noticed online. Chris prides himself in taking a hands-on approach that keeps customers goals in mind when creating and managing a campaign. Originally from Southern California, Chris now calls Las Vegas home. When he’s not being a PPC rock star, he enjoys spending time hiking, playing online poker and catching a good show with his wife on the Las Vegas Strip.

Haley Davidson

Marketing Assistant

Haley is currently a full-time student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas who is majoring in Business Marketing with an emphasis on Internet Marketing. Haley is rapidly learning the ins and outs of PPC from the rest of the paid media team in anticipation of a long, successful career in digital marketing. When she is not burying her head in textbooks, Haley enjoys online shopping, doing yoga and hanging out with her cat, Thompson.

Rob Brooks

Marketing Assistant

Over the past decade, Rob has enjoyed a career in sales and marketing while dabbling a little in digital marketing. Now that he's joined the Levy Online team, he is really diving deep into the digital marketing world and assisting the paid media team in delivering successful campaigns for our clients. While not at work, he enjoys gaming online, hiking, climbing and whitewater rafting.

Aaron Pickens

Paid Media Specialist

Aaron has been crafting his digital marketing skills since 2009, when he took part in Google Online Marketing Challenge during his senior year of undergrad. From that point on he’s built a strong knowledge base in ppc, e-commerce, email, and affiliate marketing. When Aaron is not optimizing for the sweet spot, you will find him either; reliving his childhood at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” at the lake riding jet ski’s or relaxing on a boat, hiking, at a race track or car show, and of course binging on Netflix.

Michele Cheow

Senior Web Developer

Michele has been working and honing her tech skills since 2008, when she got her start in college working with five other students in an experimental web development boot camp in the loft of an art gallery in lower New York City. When she's not fervently coding, you can find her expanding her skill set on, Netflix binging or trying to rack up steps on her FitBit. She's also an avid fan of Doctor Who and most British comedies

Caricature art by Tielman Cheaney