If you’ve done a Google search from your mobile device in the past year you’ve most likely seen a result or two that looks like this: When Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in October last year there was a clear emphasis … Continued

In the online marketing industry, it’s easy for an SEO to stretch the truth with clients, especially if a campaign isn’t going well. If a business owner isn’t careful, they can be strung along for months or years, paying thousands of … Continued

For a lot of businesses, their tactics on Google will translate relatively well to Yahoo and Bing. It’s rare to see a site performing well in Google, but suffering in Yahoo and Bing, but it does happen. In those cases, … Continued

So, what exactly is structured data? That’s a bigger topic for another day, but you should know that structured data is an awesome way to tell Google tons of information about your website. In fact, today Google is rolling out the much anticipated … Continued