Why You Should/Shouldn’t Do Your Own Internet Marketing

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Marketing cartoon of an obsessed airbnb meeting
In marketing, it doesn’t hurt to be obsessed with your business.

Why You Should Do Your Own Internet Marketing

There’s something to be said for obsession.

You’re probably obsessed with your business. At least, I hope you are. I hope you wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for improvement. An obsessed person will see the same things we all see in a day… traffic, ads, lines in stores, beautiful people, mean people… and view them all in the context of the thing they’re obsessed with.

So, a person who pours concrete for a living will not be able to walk on a sidewalk without noticing the quality of the sidewalk. Flaws, invisible to others, will be immediately apparent. A cartoonist will not be able to look at a cartoon without thinking of ways to improve it. Is the joke clear? Does the drawing help viewers get to the point? Marketers will not be able to view ads without judging them. Is the ad message confusing? Will it drive people to buy?

You should be obsessed with your business, and that obsession should drive your marketing. Nobody knows your business like you do, Nobody can communicate how well you do what you do like you.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Internet Marketing

But you’re not obsessed with marketing. Maybe you kind of are. Maybe marketing is a strong area of focus for you. But until you spend every day writing, and reading, and calling about collaborations, you’re not obsessed with marketing.

There are a few people in a few companies that are truly focused on internet marketing. You’ll know them when you talk to them. They’re excited by the opportunities that your business has online. They know the complicated logic behind the search engines, but they can explain it clearly, because marketing is all about communication.

We have several of those people right here in the office. You’ll know them when you talk to them.
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