Great Writing for Marketing

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A man finding money in his couch to hire a content writer
Great writing isn’t cheap.


Here is a list of skills that your friends think they are good at:

  • Critiquing movies
  • Accurately diagnosing medical conditions
  • Giving great relationship advice
  • Creating marketing plans
  • Driving
  • Aaaand writing.

Everybody learns how to write in school, so everybody thinks they can WRITE.

The internet, in its current state, is a voracious black hole of content. It can’t get enough. There are more people every day jumping online to read articles, watch videos, and look at pictures. Those people expect fresh content. Advertisers know: content is king. The company with the best, freshest, and most content is usually the company that rises to the top.

Not everybody can edit videos. not everybody can make pictures. But everybody thinks they can write.

Because the demand for writing is huge, and the quality of writers is so random, the state of the market is bizarre. Have you been to It’s a fun place to visit. Every creative endeavor you can imagine and several you can’t, sold for $5 by multiple entrepreneurs making their dreams come true.

You can get 500 words written for $5. You can get 3,000 words written for $25. That includes the research that comes before the actual writing. All writing takes research, although, in the case of this article, that research was simply wasting some time on to see how far $5 would go.

On the other end of the scale, professional copy writing companies will charge around $3,000 for 3,000 words.

Depending on your business, good writing can actually make the difference between success and failure. If communication is an important part of your brand, then take care with your writers. You don’t need to pay $1 per word, just:
Vet a few different writers before you choose one.
Work with them. They don’t know your business like you do.
Read everything they submit to make sure it’s on brand.
Build trust
Look for results

Good writing will get the results you need. Bad writing won’t.

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