How to Grow Your Instagram Following for Your Business

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Instagram has grown increasingly popular as a social media platform, not only for sharing images with unique filters but also for growing businesses. As a highly-targeted visual marketing tool, Instagram gives people the opportunity to build a loyal fan-base. With over 500 million users on the app daily, Instagram has one of the most engaged audiences on social media.

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It also offers many convenient ways to increase user engagement and grow a following over time. It is essential to consider which factors are most important to your audience and determine the most effective ways to build engagement. In terms of growing your following for your Instagram business, there are numerous strategies which can help you earn loyal followers.

Share High-Quality Content Consistently

When using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business, it is vital to share frequently to maintain and increase your fan base. However, it is most important that you continuously share quality content, even if it’s less often rather than mediocre content all the time.

Using Instagram’s photo editing tools and choosing eye-catching and professional images every time you post, you will be sure to build a stronger Instagram presence. This will also help you to stand out from other businesses.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags function as an excellent tool for Instagram businesses as they make it easy for other users to find your posts and in turn, make it more likely they will follow your account. They allow people to find your images while searching for specific terms which may be relevant to your business.

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Through exploring shared interests, hashtags enable communities and users to connect based on these common topics. By using and exploring relevant hashtags for the purposes of digital marketing, you can follow accounts that are in your industry and businesses that are similar to your own. This also helps you to find people who are in your target audience.

Tag Accounts Related to Your Business

Another strategy which can help you to grow your business is through tagging popular accounts which are related to your business or industry in your posts. Through tagging other well-known accounts, you are able to build a presence and establish more credibility. You can also partner with other Instagram businesses in your field which can help you both establish more connections and increase followers.

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You and your partner organization could also hold a contest or giveaway in which users need to follow both of your accounts to be entered. These connections with similar businesses or accounts related to your field are increasingly important for establishing a social media presence in your industry.

Have a Clear Message for your Brand in All your Posts

It’s essential to always have a clear message which represents your specific brand. You want to make sure your posts are relevant to your business and convey the message which represents your brand and what your company is all about. In addition to having quality content, it is just as important to make sure your message is appropriate to the content and connects back to your business.

Another part of this is making sure your voice and tone are consistent across all your posts. Whether that is playful, informative, sarcastic, or whatever voice best connects with your target audience, you’ll want to maintain that throughout your Instagram account as well as other social media platforms.

Build a Loyal Audience and Engage Often

It’s crucial that you build your following the right way. This means getting followers who are real users and genuinely interested in your particular business or field. When you find a loyal fan-base, you can connect further with users who have a real interest in your business. Through continuous engagement and interacting with these followers, they are more likely to engage with you through commenting, liking, and following your page.

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Set time aside specifically to engage with your Instagram followers, connect with credible companies or business leaders, and like and follow other influential people in your industry. If possible, have a dedicated social media team member to handle your Instagram engagement to help build your followers organically.

Post At the Right Times

Another aspect which is essential with Instagram is choosing the right time to post. Especially if you are using hashtags as a means of building a presence with followers, it is important to know when the high traffic periods are, which will allow for the most users to see your post right away. There are multiple tools which can help you to optimize and decide the best time to post.

You can also utilize social media scheduling tools which will automatically publish posts during the highest engagement periods. Using some of these convenient tools can really benefit you and allow you to optimize your engagement with customers without taking up too much time or effort.

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Instagram functions as an excellent social media platform for promoting your business and offers lots of amazing tools which help you build the best engagement with your audience. All in all, building a loyal follower base takes some time. However, using some of these strategies can help you create a robust marketing foundation to connect with your potential customers.

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