So Your Nephew Builds Websites

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Cartoon of an amateur web developer
The Amateur Website Builder

Cheap Website Building

There comes a time in every mans life when he decides he needs a website.

When that happens, he often seeks out the closest friend or family member with a pirated version of Photoshop and a video game addiction to design and build the website.

The result it often not terrible.  The “friend-or-family-member-who-believes-they-can-do-it method does work initially.  Six to twelve months after the expected launch date, the website will be up and running.

The problems start when the entrepreneur realizes that no one is visiting the website.  Then they want to change something about the web design, but the web guy is now less excited about working for what turned out to be two dollars per hour.  Then the site goes down, but no one knows why.  Eventually, a new domain is purchased, the old website expires and dies, and a few thousand dollars goes to ensure that the new site works.

Many of us working online today have gone through this cycle, often from both sides of the coin.  We’ve commissioned cheap sites, or gained experience by building cheap sites.  It’s a gateway.

You-Get-What-You-Pay-For Website Building

But if you need a website to do something for you or your business right now, you can’t waste time with the entry-level path.  Professionals can do these things:

  • Make sure the contact forms can be filled out, and that the results reach your inbox
  • Lay out information that can be displayed on screens of any size
  • Troubleshoot server issues and downtimes
  • Attract visitors
  • Keep up with programming changes
  • Keep up with security
  • Show you how to implement your own content
  • Design for visitor conversions
  • Easily transition ownership in the event of changes
  • Migrate servers or domain names

Professional web developers have learned not just the basics of bringing a website to existence, but the ins and outs of breathing life into it on an ongoing basis.  The top websites in the world (list here) all require a staff working minute-by-minute behind the scenes to support the contributions of their legions of visitors.  It’s never been enough just to launch your site… you must launch and then enliven it, either on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

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