Nick Kohli


Nick began his career in paid search back in 2007 as a part of a 13 member Google ETO team, the success of which expanded the operation for Google across several countries and continents today. He is experienced in building and managing thousands of digital marketing campaigns in various verticals, ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar spends. A seasoned global traveler who has lived and worked in multiple countries, Nick will jump at any chance to explore new places with his wife and two children.

Ryan Smith

Director, Marketing

Ryan Smith is a self-proclaimed data nerd with a love for marketing. His programming background helps him build successful, cohesive digital campaigns with full online tracking. Ryan is a Google Contributor and one of a few Google Partner Ambassadors that provides material to Google to help Partner Agencies gain knowledge of performance and tactics.

Jong Castillo

Director, Design & Development

Jong is a hybrid between a web developer and designer with a passion for development. She became interested in web development when floppy disks and GIFs were still the thing. When she is not buried in design and coding, Jong is likely spending time with her husband, watching volleyball matches or shopping.

Jon Swango

Senior Digital Advertising Specialist

Jon is a PPC account manager here at Levy Online. He fell naturally into digital marketing and loves the competitive nature of the business. He feels it’s the perfect mix of creativity, data analysis and technology. When not at work he’s likely A/B testing a new craft beer at the local pub or hiking out at Red Rock Canyon.

Chris Olson

Associate Director, Marketing

Chris Olson is an experienced PPC account manager with a proven track record for getting clients noticed online. Chris prides himself in taking a hands-on approach that keeps customers goals in mind when creating and managing a campaign. Originally from Southern California, Chris now calls Las Vegas home. When he’s not being a PPC rock star, he enjoys spending time hiking, playing online poker and catching a good show with his wife on the Las Vegas Strip.

Caricature art by Tielman Cheaney