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A cartoon about breaking through the internet marketing noise
It’s hard to do truly unique internet marketing

There’s a lot of noise out there.  We all know this.

To be effective internet marketers and cut through the noise, we need to be unique.  We know this also.

Everyone is unique.  That goes without saying.

If you use what is unique about your company, your personality, and your abilities, you can easily cut through the noise and stand out in some way.  That’s the lesson told time and time again in lectures, workshops, and books about business growth.

So why aren’t we all doing it?

Reason #1 to Avoid Unique Internet Marketing

There’s a chance that what makes you, your business, or your product unique is bad.  If you deliver late, ignore your customers, or create shoddy products, that’s unique… but it’s not helpful.

Step one in marketing a service is to fix your service.  Step one in marketing a product is to make a great product.  It’s never too soon to take a long, hard look at what you’re offering and make it better.  Maybe doing this means you’ll just be keeping up with the rest of the crowd.  That’s okay.  There will be time to be unique later.

And sometimes, what you think is bad is actually good.  For example:

  1. You think it’s bad that your business is so small.  So you try to project the largest, slickest image you can.  But your customers don’t think it’s bad that you’re small.  They’re probably choosing you because of it.  Just be what you are!
  2. You think it’s bad that your business systems aren’t streamlined enough.  You have to stay up too late at night taking care of things that could be automated.  But your customers don’t mind that.  They like knowing that someone is burning the midnight oil to take care of them.  Don’t hide it, advertise it!
  3. You think it’s bad that employees are so hard to come by.  But that just means they’re highly skilled and, in fact, unique.  Celebrate the employees you do have, and more will come.

Reason #2 to Avoid Unique Internet Marketing

You think it’s unprofessional. 

Give away a pair of shoes for every pair sold?  Impossible.  Allow your customer service reps to spend hours with individual customers?  Wasteful.  Encourage your crew to go off-script whenever they want?  Terrifying.

Yet those same tactics helped reflect just how unique Tom’s, Zappo’s, and Southwest Airlines had become, and then helped propel those companies to success.

In every case, those companies chose the human thing over the professional thing.  Customers noticed.  The world is professional enough already.  Go ahead and show off what makes you human… and interesting.

Reason #3 to Avoid Unique Internet Marketing

It’s scary.

That’s true.  It really is.

It’s easy enough to follow someone’s example and start your business, put up a website, rent some property, and advertise in the regular channels.  It still works.  You can succeed that way, people do it all the time.

But it’s scary to do something that’s never been done before in your field.  Your peers might not like it.  It might not work.

The thing is, once your company does something unique and it works, everything else becomes a whole lot easier.  Marketing is easier, because people are already talking about the unique thing.  Hiring is easier, because you’re known as the company that does that unique thing.  Retaining customers is easier, because no one else is doing what you do.

It’s time to be a little different.

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