Levy Online is Super Certified

Written by: Levy Online on

Levy Online is proud to announce that our entire PPC team has completed Google’s 5pecialist challenge!

So, what exactly does that mean? The “5” in 5pecialist is referring to the five certifications required to complete the challenge Google built for PPC specialists. To become a certified 5pecialist means completing the AdWords fundamentals exam as well a separate exam for each of the following categories:certified

  • Search
  • Display
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Mobile


While they are all methods of advertising with Google, each of these channels have very important differences in execution and optimization. Experience in one area does not directly translate to success in another. This is why Google is encouraging partners to get certified in all five, and it’s why Levy Online Specialists are certified in all five.

Those who completed and passed the exams before the Sep 15th deadline will receive framed certificates from Google. While we’re all anxiously looking forward to receiving our awards, the true value comes in the knowledge that our team is highly qualified in all aspects of digital marketing. It’s important for us as we’re a highly competitive bunch, but it’s more important for our clients to know that we have the experience and expertise to achieve their goals no matter what they are.

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