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When your business has a strong social media presence, it opens opportunities to build brand recognition, engage with active users, and communicate directly with potential customers. However, with billions of social media users online at any time, trying to reach the right audience can be a challenge! That’s where we come in.

The social team at Levy Online lives and breathes social media. We know how to help our clients establish their voice and connect with their target market in an organic and sustainable way.

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    What Is Social Media Marketing?

    Social media marketing (SMM) involves using social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok to promote your business. Whether you offer products, services, or a combination of both, social media marketing helps connect, attract, and engage with a broader audience in a more intimate way through fresh and relatable content and makes a personal connection to your brand.

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    What Types of Social Media Services Do We Offer?

    At Levy Online, we have a dedicated team of social media specialists whose only focus is social media strategy and implementation. We do this through several social media management services that establish your identity, reach the right people, and build and grow your brand.

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    Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

    Social media marketing offers a way to effectively promote your products or services while giving your business a level of trustworthiness that people have come to expect. When a business doesn’t have an active presence on social media, it can give a negative impression, especially to younger generations. Building a social network that involves regular engagement and unique, creative content boosts your overall business integrity.

    What Social Media Marketing Platforms Do We Manage?

    We have experience with several social media platforms that will help your business reach the right audience where they’re most active, including:

    Depending on your target demographic, we can strategize and implement social media campaigns that represent your brand and voice but are appropriate for specific social media channels. We also stay on top of platform trends and make sure you’re part of important conversations in your industry.

    What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

    There are several benefits to doing social media marketing the right way, including:

    • Growing brand awareness and conversations around your brand
    • Developing a brand voice with a direct outlet to tell your own story and connecting with your customers
    • Creating different types of content to boost interest and engagement
    • Promoting your products or services in a cost-effective way
    • Driving traffic to your website and enhancing your SEO strategy
    • Building customer and brand loyalty with an engaged following
    • Connecting with potential collaborators and business partners
    • Collecting data about your audience to help with future campaigns
    • Gathering competitive analysis data for better competitor research
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    If done in tandem with SEO and Paid Advertising campaigns, social media marketing can also help with these marketing efforts. To learn more about digital marketing strategies and how our social media marketing company can help grow your business, contact Levy Online for a free consultation.

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    When Should You Hire a Social Media Agency?

    Is there an advantage of social media professionals handling your platforms? The truth is that developing a successful social media marketing strategy and implementing it takes a significant amount of time and effort. We understand that you have a business to run and don’t always have time to manage your own social media.

    A social media agency can handle everything from community engagement and content creation to influencer outreach and campaign management—all of which are the most time-consuming parts of social media for businesses.

    When you’re finding it challenging to keep up with your social media goals or haven’t made much progress with your efforts, it’s time to consider working with professionals to unlock the full potential of this incredibly versatile outlet.

    Why Work With the Levy Online Digital Marketing Agency?

    When you work with Levy Online, you essentially add an entire social media department to your business that focuses exclusively on your social goals. Our approach involves these steps:

    1. Strategy – Create, schedule, and monitor content on multiple social platforms with continued testing to understand what engages your audience most
    2. Creative – Capture images or videos on-site every month for social material with the creation and testing of content to ensure continued performance improvements
    3. Planning – Develop a robust content calendar of approved social posts
    4. Tracking – Create accurate and transparent custom social media metrics reports
    5. Results – Use detailed analysis of data and reporting to shape future social strategies

    Our goal is to work seamlessly with your team to ensure we authentically represent you and all aspects of your brand.

    Social Media Marketing Agency Las Vegas

    Are you wondering, “Is there a social media marketing agency near me?” Our full-service digital marketing agency offers everything you need to build a strong social media presence that drives traffic and sales while promoting your brand. We work with local and national clients to help achieve their goals.