Digital Advertising Services

Our digital advertising team uses industry-leading technology and creates cutting-edge custom solutions to power our clients’ successful strategies. We focus not only on capturing the user interest that is already there – we directly quantify the demand for your services that are generated by advertising, using proprietary methodology developed in-house by experts at Levy Online.

If you believe your company and Levy Online would be a good fit for an advertising partnership,  contact our digital ad experts.

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    What Makes Levy Online Unique?

    Levy Online works as an extension of your marketing team. We work with clients as partners, not just as a vendor. Our goal is to make sure your overall marketing strategy including online is cohesive and successful.

    With decades of experience in many verticals, our team understands the online marketing space and will create a custom-made strategy to fit your business needs. What you’ll receive from us, are the solutions, to your marketing and business challenges.

    We provide a detailed strategy for your marketing dollars and insightful metrics and reporting to show the results of your online marketing campaigns.

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    Digital Advertising Services

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    Who Do We Work With?

    We work with small, medium, and large businesses, institutions, and enterprise-level clients who require third-party expertise.

    We’ve worked directly with C-level executives, boards, internal marketing teams, and external consultants. Regardless of your structure, we would love to partner with your organization! 

    Some of our clients choose to be hands-off, and some are deeply involved participants in strategy. All of our clients receive customized services from our team who are invested in the success of your marketing objectives.

    Some Of Our Clients

    How Do We Define Success?

    Our definition of success is two-fold:

    1. Are we achieving your marketing goals?
    2. Are we equipping you with meaningful data that demonstrates growth?

    We retain our client relationships for years for those reasons – we don’t have long-term contracts. We believe you’ll be impressed by our digital advertising team, and we’ll be in it together for the long haul.

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    See How our industry-leading marketing team can help your business

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    How Do We Do It?

    Our strategies involve the creation of demand and the capture of demand.

    • Creation of Demand. With agency-level tools, understand the persona, interest, and intent of relevant individuals. These individuals receive ad messaging across Discovery formats such as social and programmatic that inspire them to take future action with our clients.
    • Capture of Demand. When an individual is ready to convert, via search advertising or other channels, we provide ad messaging that prompts them to act, appeals to their interests, and focuses individuals on goals.

    Online transactions, lead generation, store visits, any goal – regardless of your goal, our strategy is focused on growing your overall footprint, not just on fighting for your slice of the pie compared to your competition.

    What Have We Accomplished?

    We have built the online tracking system for major international casino brands, providing them insight into their own systems, users, and marketing investment that was never before available to their team. We have devised and implemented advertising campaigns that have turned small operations into national sensations.

    We are proud to be reliable, integrated partners with our clients. Across our book of accounts, we are continuously improving performance – but our primary sense of accomplishment is making a difference in our clients’ business. We know and take to heart, that our decisions shape the future of an organization. 

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    Why Should Levy Online Manage Your Advertising Strategy?

    • Partnership. Levy Online integrates with clients and acts as a marketing department on your behalf, not as disinterested vendor services.
    • Investment. Your advertising budget is a critical business asset. As you invest your budget with us, you will receive our skilled investment in you and your company. Additionally, an investment without payoff is a major loss – you will receive a firm understanding of the value contribution from your budget.
    • Understanding. We understand the responsibility for a budget and associated performance – that’s our day, every day. Likewise we understand you have an obligation to provide accountability to your manager, board, director – whomever it may be, we’ll make you look good! We provide granular wisdom about success and failures from strategies, and summary information demonstrating the overall trajectory of your strategy with us.
    • Relationship. Most of our clients have been with Levy Online for years (because they choose to, not from long-term contractual obligation). While there is a team supporting your strategy with us, account managers seldom rotate – our clients appreciate working with consistent managers at Levy Online, and enjoy knowing our staff has personal investment in their business.

    What Does It Cost For Levy Online to Manage My Advertising?

    Each of our clients are different, with scopes of work and retained services custom to specific needs. We must first understand your challenges, then we will provide a tailored solution that will accomplish your goals.

    When you choose Levy Online as your advertising partner, you gain the skill, knowledge and expertise of a large team – we are your marketing department.

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