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Getting found online is a critical first step in optimizing your business, but it’s only the beginning. Once visitors find you, what actions do you want them to take? Uncovering the motivation behind your customer’s decisions can encourage users to move through tasks and commit to your service or product. 

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) considers the human aspect of online engagement. A conversion rate is calculated by comparing the number of visitors to a page to the number of visitors who took the desired action on that page. The goal is to have as many visitors as possible engage with your content.

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    What Is CRO?

    CRO is the process used to increase engagement and sales on your site using data-driven insights. It reveals how well your marketing strategies are working and whether or not you need to make some changes.

    Conversion Rate Optimizations refer to customer actions such as:

    • Clicking a link
    • Purchasing a product
    • Filling out a form
    • Signing up for a service
    • Downloading a document
    • Adding items to a cart

    Marketing that prompts visitors to take action effectively moves users from seekers to customers.

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    What Are Our Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimizations?

    There are many subtle ways to move your customers further down the buying cycle and for them to engage with your content. While some are more obvious than others, implementing multiple strategies gives you the best chance to find what speaks to them and prove your value.

    Some optimization strategies may include:

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    Where Can Conversion Rate Optimizations Be Made?

    Conversion rate optimizations can be made on every page on your site. Homepages are ideal candidates for CRO as this could be one of the most visited pages by a user and It is important to make a good first impression and also guide the user further down the funnel. 

    Identifying where customers are in the conversion process when they reach a particular page can help target the action you want users to take.

    Optimizations can be made on:

    • Homepages
    • Blogs
    • Pricing Pages
    • Landing Pages

    Analyzing the effectiveness of each page is the best way to make sure customers are getting the information they need throughout each step of the conversion process.

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    Why Conversion Rate Optimization Is Important?

    CRO is an essential aspect of online marketing because it allows you to get more value from visitors already accessing your site. The more engaged your user is they will have a high affinity to convert. 

    It doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your site if they aren’t taking the desired action once they get there. 

    Two main reasons CRO is important are:

    1. Generate Revenue

    Whether the action you want visitors to take is to purchase a product, schedule an appointment, sign up for a service, or visit your store, the bottom line is that you need to make a profit. CRO improves the likelihood that people will take action and commit to your desired business goal.

    2. Convert users to qualified leads

    Running a business is a complex undertaking with various forms of marketing to drive users to your site. CRO helps make your website improve the likeness of theses users to turn into customers.

    How a CRO Expert Can Help

    Website optimizations can get complex, especially if you have a large site with numerous pages. Additionally, once you optimize your content, conversion tracking and data management need to be monitored for effectiveness.

    Hiring a professional to improve conversion rates is an excellent investment in your online marketing strategy. CRO helps customers have a great online experience that retains a committed following, sees your offerings as valuable, and makes your business more profitable.

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