It can be challenging for some small business owners to fully understand how beneficial SEO can be for their companies. With all the dollars and hard work personally invested in the business, SEO services might seem like a luxury expense … Continued

Gauging Social Media Expertise

  There are social media certifications, college courses, marketing tests, and more, but the one measure of know-how that matters most to users has long been the number of followers. As metrics go, it’s not the worst.  But, alone, it can … Continued

Great Writing for Marketing

  Here is a list of skills that your friends think they are good at: Critiquing movies Accurately diagnosing medical conditions Giving great relationship advice Creating marketing plans Driving Aaaand writing. Everybody learns how to write in school, so everybody … Continued

Unique Internet Marketing

  There’s a lot of noise out there.  We all know this. To be effective internet marketers and cut through the noise, we need to be unique.  We know this also. Everyone is unique.  That goes without saying. If you … Continued

We know this much:  Google considers many ranking factors. Quick explanation:  A ranking factor is something about a site that influences where it appears on a page of search results.  So, if you’re searching for “hats for dogs,” a site with … Continued

Online Shopping and Big Data

It’s possible to learn a lot about someone just by watching them shop. On the internet, depending on where you go and what you do, a lot of different entities can learn about you. This has been happening for some … Continued

Cheap Website Building There comes a time in every mans life when he decides he needs a website. When that happens, he often seeks out the closest friend or family member with a pirated version of Photoshop and a video … Continued

SEO Is Undead!

It’s Halloween, and SEO is DEAD!  or is it?  It is!  Or IS it?  Just kidding, it is.  Oh, wait, no, it’s back again.  Wow, it just won’t stay down. As I write this, in October 2016, the reason du jour … Continued