Our Leadership Team

Meet some of the experienced professionals at Levy Online.

Nick Kohli - CEO

Nick Kohli


Nick began his career in paid search back in 2007 as a part of a 13-member Google ETO team, the success of which expanded the operation for Google across several countries and continents today. He is experienced in building and managing thousands of digital marketing campaigns in various verticals, ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar spends. A seasoned global traveler who has lived and worked in multiple countries, Nick will jump at any chance to explore new places with his wife and children.

Ryan Smith - VP of Marketing

Ryan Smith

VP of Marketing

Ryan brings over a decade of diverse digital advertising experience to Levy Online. With a deep skillset in tracking, analytics, and data analysis, his passion for marketing and numbers blends seamlessly with our clients’ interest in data-driven results. Ryan’s prior role includes experience as a Google Partner Ambassador and Contributor, empowering other Google Partner Agencies with invaluable training and assistance.

Chris Olson - Director of Social Media

Chris Olson

Director of Social Media

Meet Chris Olson, a social media aficionado who thrives on making clients stand out in the online realm. With a solid history of success, Chris embraces a hands-on approach, is always mindful of clients’ objectives, and is committed to achieving tangible outcomes.

As the head of the Social Media department at Levy Online, Chris takes charge and ensures our clients are being noticed on various social media platforms. He goes above and beyond, providing valuable insights and support to other departments as needed, fostering a cohesive work environment that drives success for our clients.
Having relocated from Southern California, Chris has proudly made Las Vegas his home for a decade.

When he’s not immersed in his work, Chris delights in exploring nature trails with his wife, children, and their two four-legged companions.

Tiffany Sands - Associate Director of Search Engine Optimization

Tiffany Sands

Associate Director of SEO

Introducing Tiffany, a seasoned professional in Digital Marketing with over 10 years of experience. With expertise in Technical SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO, Content Strategy, and Local Listing Management, she brings invaluable skills to the table.

At Levy Online, Tiffany leads the CRO, SEO, Email Marketing, and Content Teams, collaborating seamlessly across departments to ensure an exceptional client experience. Her unwavering dedication to excellence fuels her passion for implementing innovative strategies and achieving impressive results.

During her free time, Tiffany immerses herself in storytelling, crafts delicious vegan and gluten-free dishes, and enjoys playful interactions with her feline companion.

Tiffany’s vibrant energy, professionalism, and ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of Digital Marketing make her an invaluable asset to both Levy Online and our esteemed clients. Join us in harnessing her expertise and unwavering commitment to achieve outstanding results.

Matthew Symms - Associate Director of Paid Media

Matthew Symms

Associate Director of Paid Media

Matt has been actively involved in the digital marketing field since 2016, primarily focusing on Paid Advertising. Throughout his career, he has provided valuable assistance to numerous clients from various industries, helping them establish a strong online presence and effectively market their products and services.

With his extensive experience, Matt excels in analyzing campaign data to derive insights that refine targeting strategies, optimize budgets, and enhance overall campaign performance. At Levy Online, Matt assumes the role of overseeing the paid team, ensuring their diligent execution of responsibilities.

Outside of work, you’ll often find Matt enjoying a game of golf or exploring new travel destinations.

Shaina Chambers - Associate Director of Social Media

Shaina Chambers

Associate Director of Social Media

Say hello to Shaina, a highly skilled and accomplished social media and digital marketing professional with a decade of experience in various industries spanning tourism, hospitality, non-profit, finance, real estate, and beyond. Her expertise encompasses all aspects of social media, but her true talent lies in the development of unique brand voices and telling a brand’s story through compelling copywriting.

Originally from the Bay Area, Shaina moved to Las Vegas to pursue her studies at UNLV’s College of Urban Affairs, where she earned a degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

When she’s not dedicating herself to her professional growth, Shaina enjoys pursuing her creative outlets which include baking and painting, as well as watching murder documentaries, attending concerts, and planning mini vacations. She also enjoys spending time with her three beloved dogs and supporting local businesses in Las Vegas Arts District.

Mitesh Shah - Associate Director of Web Development

Mitesh Shah

Associate Director of Web Development

Mitesh is a seasoned web developer with over a decade of industry experience and a diverse skill set. From PHP and VanillaJS to popular frameworks like React, he’s proficient in various web languages.

Originally hailing from the UK, Mitesh made the move to the US in May 2015. He has since worked with companies in both countries, leveraging his expertise to create exceptional websites from ideation to completion.

At Levy Online, Mitesh assumes responsibility for the web development department, actively collaborating with the design team on projects and offering assistance and valuable insights to other departments whenever necessary.

During his free time, Mitesh enjoys spending quality time with his wife, engaging in multiplayer gaming sessions on their consoles, and savoring the flavors of a well-cooked meal from their grill.