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Pay Per Click advertising, more commonly referred to as “PPC,” is an effective method of advertising, targeting internet users in a variety of ways. PPC is actually made up of several subsets of activities each providing a different channel of access to the targeted market or prospect.

There are many channels of PPC

Not to confuse things, while most PPC is considered to be priced as “cost per click” or CPC, there are variants that fall under PPC that are not really pay per click at all, but rather; pay per view or pay per impression. These pay per impression type of campaigns are used more for branding and less for lead generation. This would be called CPM or CPI – cost per impression. This is usually charged in a cost per one thousand impressions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The goal of search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, is for your company’s websites to rank at the top of any potential customer’s search results page in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This means taking a proactive approach to advertising, targeting users who actively search your industry related keywords.

Paid search is a powerful way to get your advertising up immediately and to have the most prominence on the SERP (search engine results page). With search marketing, you can address multiple objectives; find customers at all stages of the buying cycle, create brand awareness, generate sales and gain new customer acquisitions.

Our goal through-out the SEM process – whether with SEO or PPC – is to cost effectively help you meet your goals and with the proper ongoing optimization of the data we generate,  we can  yield high conversion rates, with an ever increasing ROI.

PPC image with cursorContextual Display Advertising

In contrast to search engines, in which an ad is displayed when a user types a keyword/phrase into the search box, display advertising consists of an ad serving process, that displays your ads on various websites which are related in content and subject matter (context) to your company’s defined prospect demographics.

The ads are placed over content network websites, targeted carefully for your potential clients. These websites can be related to any verticals which will be identified following the initial in-depth online marketing research (part of the setup process).

The placement process involves sophisticated targeting that includes demographics, geo targeting, behavioral and contextual algorithms, so that your ads will receive the most relevant exposure.

For example, your ads will be displayed on websites related to a predefined set of keywords, and show a specific banner ad or textual ad (or even video ad) pointing to your website (of course, we can choose which landing page to target this ad to, so if we want, we can set the url within the ad to defined pages within your website, specific to the context of the ad campaign. We can create different types of banner ads, for different types of target audiences (verticals, gender, age groups etc).

This method of advertising is highly targeted and provides a cost efficient platform for effective marketing, with typically lower costs per click compared to search engines. Display advertising is a great vehicle for branding as well.

Real Time Bidding “RTB” Prospecting Campaigns

Real Time Bidding, is a fascinating and effective way of targeting particular internet users based upon highly granular profile data. Levy Online has access to over 800 million user profiles worldwide. The data that we collect, allows us to understand the user’s online behavior patterns. From this data, we can surmise specific demographic information such as Gender, Age, Socio-Economic levels, shopping habits, travel habits and more. This allows us to more accurately target specific individuals whom have a stronger potential to utilize our clients, products or services as they surf to over 90% of ad supported sites.

Retargeting (sometimes referred to as Remarketing)

Retargeting is a form of advertising that allows you to show ads to potential customers based on a specific action that they have taken. Most commonly retargeting refers to showing ads to people that have previously visited your website without taking action in order to continue the conversation. We can also retarget potential customers based on searches they have performed on search engines, using their email or phone number or based on videos they have viewed on YouTube. These additional targeting options allow you to get in front of potential customers that have showed direct intent in purchasing your product or service but may not have made it to your website otherwise. We utilize Google Remarketing, Facebook AdX and a variety of other top tier ad networks in order to show the right message in the right place at the right time to your audience.

Online Video Advertising

With over 2 billion internet based video views every day, video advertising opportunities abound. Video based display advertising, Pre-roll video, Post roll, Inline video advertising, there is a plethora of different strategies and methodologies. The common factor is the efficient and effective targeting of specific demographics or groups based upon your marketing goals.

The placement of the ad is similar to traditional display advertising campaigns and is done by keyword and category matching, along with geo-targeting. The payment model is similar as well, and is CPV (cost per view), which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and watches your video ad.

Social Media (Facebook) Ads

Facebook is the main social media platform these days. Having display ads in Facebook is a very powerful advertising tool. One of the key benefits is the level of demographic targeting that can be achieved. With Facebook ads we can target users by location, age, gender, hobbies and interests. Utilizing this data we can create dedicated campaigns for specific target audiences.

IP and CRM Targeting

Unlike contextual / behavioral or programmatic media buying, in which we target people based upon anonymous online parameters,  IP Targeting allows us to target specific individuals, specific households or unique business locations based on the physical location of their IP address.

For instance, we could target all of your existing clients, by outputting your address database. We then match those street addresses to the IP address of that property and place ads in front of those specific users.

If direct mail has been successful for you in the past, we can now supercharge this concept, by utilizing the same mailing list you would use for snail mail and targeting the prospect with compelling display advertising. Utilizing the inherent tracking capabilities of these channels we can provide proof of value far more effectively than the old paper based direct mail.

We can provide lists for a variety of purposes; census data, voters registration data, there are many list aggregators, allowing us access to extremely rich demographic data on over 90% of households nationwide.

We can also target specific buildings or businesses and the users on their network surfing out. This is huge for the hospitality industry, to be able to target all of the guests utilizing a particular Hotel’s wifi for instance.


The explosion of Smartphones and mobile devices, paints a very exciting picture of the future of IP based advertising. Whether it’s a mobile based information search, an in app banner ad, text advertisement or a proximity based offer, mobile is a dynamic new channel for advertising your product or service. While mobile based advertising is not right for every product or service, Levy Online leverages these technologies to provide highly targeted and effective campaigns targeting prospects on the go.

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