The Pros and Cons of Google Smart Campaigns

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An essential part of online marketing is using different types of Google ads and marketing tools to generate interest in your brand, products, and services. The more leads you generate, the higher probability of conversions. One effective way to do this is with Google Smart Campaigns. 

What is a Smart Campaign in Google Ads?

In 2019, Google rebranded Adwords Express as Smart Campaigns. This type of Google Ads campaign helps automate many of the features used for Pay Per Click (PPC), making it easier for businesses with minimum Google campaign and Adwords experience or knowledge.

It incorporates user-inputted data, data from your website, and data from your Google My Business account to create smart ads. Even though it is easier to launch a campaign, it may not always be your best option. It could be more beneficial for your business to launch a regular Google Search Campaign instead.  

Why Use Google Smart Campaigns?

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Google Smart Campaigns utilize many of Google’s algorithms to help promote your campaign. Suppose you are not up to date on the latest Google algorithms or lack the know-how to conduct your own Search Campaigns manually. In that case, Smart Campaigns are a great alternative to incorporate PPC into your online marketing strategy. 

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Pros of Google Smart Campaigns

Businesses can take advantage of several benefits available with Google Smart Campaigns:

  • Simply write the ad for the campaign, choose the keyword themes, and set your campaign budget. 
  • Google does not charge you if there are no clicks on your ads.
  • It utilizes the PPC module, but you do not have to worry about configuring it.
  • It allows you to quickly create an ad for a target audience – This takes about 15 minutes on average
  • You save a lot of time setting up and launching PPC campaigns.
  • Google’s smart tools and AI help you reach your target audiences, including location, behavior, and device preference. 
  • You can launch a single campaign or have multiple campaigns running simultaneously. 
  • When you know how to utilize Smart Campaigns correctly, they can be effective. 
  • Smart Campaigns are ideal for businesses new to PPC. 

Cons of Google Smart Campaigns

While Smart Campaigns are easy to set up, configure, and implement, there are several drawbacks you need to consider:

  • You do not have access to in-depth analytical reports like you do with Search Campaigns.
  • You have less control over the reliability of your campaign. 
  • Google’s AI has complete control over the campaign after you create and launch an ad. 
  • You could spend more on campaign marketing and still not get the results you desire or expect. 
  • You still need to do some basic management tasks, as Google’s AI is not smart enough to do everything.
  • You have no control over where the ads will be displayed, as Google’s AI decides on the placement.
  • Google’s AI creates the ad copy and chooses the keywords you bid on based on your selected keyword themes. 
  • You have to be very specific with your keyword themes.

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Who should be using Smart Campaigns?

Local businesses with a physical location can benefit the most from using Smart Campaigns when tied to their Google My Business account. Other companies that can benefit from Smart Campaigns include: 

  • Businesses with a limited online marketing budget.
  • Businesses that lack marketing experience or do not have any marketing staff.
  • Business owners who do not understand how to use Google Search. 
  • Businesses that do not have staff experienced in Google Search. 

What should Smart Campaigns be used for?

Smart Campaigns should be used to help attract customers to your local small business. You can launch campaigns that feature specific products or services. You can also focus on a single product or service or run multiple campaigns for different products and services. 

Additionally, they should be tied to your Google My Business account, so the ads are targeted to local audiences, including those in the same geographical region as your business. 

How to create a Smart Campaign in Google Ads

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Before creating a Smart Campaign, you must set up your Google My Business account and include a physical address to be listed on Google Maps. Next, you have to create a Google Ads account. 

Once your accounts are set up, sign into your Google Ads account. Click the “+New Campaign” button to get started. You will then be directed through a series of simple steps: select your ad goal, choose your keyword themes, create your ad, and set your budget. Lastly, do a Google ads review before launching your campaign. 

Are Google Smart Campaigns right for my business?

Smart Campaigns are a great place to start when you want to include PPC in your online marketing strategy. However, they do have their limits and may not deliver the desired results if you are not entirely sure how to use them correctly. In some cases, it may be more beneficial for your business to utilize Search Campaigns instead. 
To find out which Google campaign strategy is best for your business, and to learn more about Smart Campaigns vs. Search Campaigns, contact our experienced PPC experts and Google campaign pros. We create effective Google ads that get the results you deserve. 

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