4 Ways SEO Boosts Brand Awareness

seo optimizing for brand awareness

Boosting brand awareness is an integral part of creating and maintaining a successful business. There are many essential aspects to building and establishing an identity online that caters to the brand and its niche audience.

One of the most important tools that a brand can utilize while building its awareness is the use of SEO (Link to SEO Page) strategy. SEO strategy creates an opportunity for businesses to be found purposefully and organically by their intended audience, establish a sense of trust with customers, and rank high on search engines like Google.

Why Is Brand Awareness Important?

In an age where everyone has become increasingly dependent on technology, the world looks to the internet to solve problems and find products that improve their daily lives. Brand awareness is a crucial element that determines how brands reach customers and which customers trust particular brands.

The most important aspects of building brand awareness include finding a niche audience and making a trusted connection between the brand and the customer. A trusted product and brand image is the foundation of a successful business, and SEO is a powerful tool to solidify this connection between brand and customer.

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How To Increase Brand Awareness

There are many ways to increase brand awareness by using an SEO strategy. Utilizing SEO in a business can catapult their brand into success. SEO-optimized branded content, link-building, and incorporating keywords and phrases are just a few of the tools in the SEO strategy toolbox that will build a business exponentially. Here are some ways to increase brand awareness for your business.

1. Optimized Content

When looking to brand a business, creating prolific and valuable content is one of the most important moves a company can make to increase its sales and online traffic. The two most important aspects of creating excellent SEO content for a brand are satisfying the audience’s need for valuable and exciting information and optimizing that content to rank high within search engines.

Creating relevant and useful content will build trust, bring awareness, and attract quality leads to your business’ intended audience. The more valuable and optimized content is for a brand, the broader organic reach and impact it will have on the customer base.

2. Utilizing Keywords

The particular words and phrasing used in the content significantly impact how the content ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs). Researching and identifying keywords and phrases that align with your product or brand and infusing them into unique content allows a business to enter the conversation between itself and its intended audience.

Regularly producing SEO-optimized content will help a brand reach the intended audience and create a trusted brand image. Customers that regularly see useful and informative content will begin to view that brand as an expert in their field.

seo team optimizing keywords and terms for client

3. Link-Building

Backlinks are another important way to increase organic traffic to a website. Backlinks are links that move from one website to another and generally originate from mentioning a brand on another website or via a landing page. 

Even though backlinks can increase organic traffic to a website, over 65% of websites 1 online do not contain a single backlink. Luckily, there are a few strategies to increase brand awareness and traffic to a website, such as:

  • Providing valuable resources to other brands or businesses in your industry or niche
  • Pitching guest blogs to established and relevant websites that align with the brand and niche of your business
  • Fixing broken links across your site to link back to the intended pages
  • Find mentions of your brand on other sites, and request a backlink to your website

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4. Implementing Local SEO

The power of community has been heightened by the internet, as people can connect to others in a way that wouldn’t happen organically outside of the internet. However, the importance of the local community can play an integral role in building brand awareness online. 

Businesses that establish a strong network in a local area can have a huge impact online and within the community. A few of the best ways to increase local SEO traffic include:

  • Open and fully optimize a Google My Business account and update the account often
  • Optimize the website for compatibility with voice search capabilities
  • Ensure that the site is mobile-friendly and the intended target page content is relevant to local customers that come across the site
  • Add location-specific keywords and phrases to increase the number of times the business will appear on search engine result pages

Optimizing a brand using a great SEO strategy should be the first move when establishing and expanding the reach of your business. These strategies are important to understand when building brand recognition and bolstering your business. The power of SEO optimization is one of the most important players a business can have on its team.

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