6 Trends For Web Design and UI for 2022

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What Is UI UX Design?

User interface (UI) design is the practice of designing a product or tool with the user’s journey in mind. UI design maps the effectiveness and usability of a product or tool to create the most streamlined approach for the user. User experience (UX) design focuses on the empathy of the user experience, including whether the user can properly access and use the product, the emotional and intuitive journey the user takes while using the product, and the overall experience the user has while using the product. Trends for UI UX design are constantly changing and becoming increasingly refined. 

Design Trends For 2022

Here are 6 web design and UI trends to implement on your site that will help keep customers engaged and streamline their online experience.

1. Motion Design

Motion design refers to animations that accompany the user along their journey throughout a website or an app. Motion design is a perfect example of blending usability with beauty. Motion design animations can help users navigate throughout a website and can also bring about a calming and interactive experience. 

2. Password-less Login

Like design in any field, procedures and processes constantly get redesigned for efficiency and ease of use. That’s why passwordless logins are becoming increasingly trendy in UI UX design and web design.

Passwordless logins allow for alternative forms of accessing user accounts outside of the standard alphanumeric password users are most accustomed to. Facial recognition and geometric pins are a few more effortless and secure options for streamlined access to a user’s account. 

3. Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication is an increasingly popular trend in user interface design that embraces a security-first approach to user experiences. Outside of traditional passwords, biometric authentication gives users an added sense of security. Biometric authentication includes but is not limited to iris scans, facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and more. 

Biometric authentication design

4. Escapism

During the COVID pandemic, when the world seemed to stop, and travel was out of the question, the design practice of escapism began to grow. The escapism trend arose from UI and UX designers’ understanding that people could no longer travel freely and inspired their effort to integrate immersive experiences within their design.

Organic color palettes, exotic locations, and more took the forefront of design influences in UI UX design. Even though life seems to be crawling back to a sense of normalcy, the design trend of escapism will not be leaving any time soon.

woman painting new escapism designs during COVID19

5. Inclusive Design

A good chunk of education surrounding UI UX design is the practice of inclusive design. Essentially, inclusive design is the practice of implementing empathy and other design approaches that determine the best practices to make a tool or product accessible to users of different backgrounds. 

One of the best practices of inclusive design is focusing on accessibility within products and applications. While one user could have no problem using a product, others may find it challenging to use the same product if they don’t share a similar background. Criteria such as non-English speakers, disability, and even age can determine the usability and efficacy of a product.

Considering the use of a product, site, or application by various users with different backgrounds is the key to ensuring that your product or website is accessible and enjoyable by most, if not all, users.

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6. Advanced App Onboarding

Nearly 25% of users1 delete an app after opening it for the first time. This statistic is so high because users are not aware of the usability of the app and all that it offers. Advanced app onboarding refers to a short yet effective set of directions on effectively utilizing an app for the expected experience.

With the ever-expanding pool of apps that can complete the same functions for users, advanced app onboarding has become a powerful design trend when trying to retain users and increase the effectiveness of the user journey within an app.

woman using an app with-advanced app onboarding design

The Future of Web Design and UI Design

Web design, along with user experience and user interface design, is a burgeoning and ever-expanding field of possibilities. The process of engaging readers has moved far beyond just getting the correct search terms. Like everything these days, things can change in the blink of an eye. Keeping up with current trends in web design, UI UX design, and Google trends is important when understanding how businesses and products move forward with new technology. 

As we continue to invite technology into more and more aspects of our lives, it’s important to remember that the end goal of any design is the usability and comfort of the intended user.

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