Google Core Algorithm Update March 2024 

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Google routinely updates its search algorithms to improve user experience and the quality of search results. The March 2024 update is more complex and, reportedly, one of their biggest updates yet.

On March 5, 2024, Google announced the update, with the expectation of numerous pushes to various core systems during the month. This update includes algorithm changes aimed at improving the quality of search results and the implementation of new spam policies. 

Cracking Down on Unhelpful and Unoriginal Content

Google has enhanced the core ranking systems to help display more helpful user results. With this update, the core ranking systems will better understand if a webpage is unhelpful, has unoriginal content, or may have a poor user experience. If Google concludes a page has unoriginal content, poor user experience, or is considered unhelpful, it will be removed. Google expects that the combination of this update and its previous efforts will reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%.

Updates to Spam Policies

In an effort to combat unoriginal and low-quality content in search results, Google has implemented several revisions to its spam policies, targeting specific areas of concern:

Scaled Content Abuse

Google has implemented a new policy on AI, which is unoriginal or a mix of manual and AI content. Pages that are generated to manipulate search rankings, have unoriginal content, or provide no value to users will be considered spam.

Site Reputation Abuse

Also formerly known as Parasite SEO, Google has updated its approach with this spam tactic. If third-party hosting occurs without close supervision or involvement from the first party and has the intention to manipulate search rankings for SEO, it will be a violation of this policy.  

Expired Domain Abuse

Repurposing a domain for an original site is considered acceptable, but Google has a zero-tolerance policy against the use of expired domains to host quality content with the intent to manipulate search results. Engaging in such practices will result in a violation.


The March 2024 Google Core Algorithm Update reflects Google’s ongoing efforts to improve search quality and combat spam. By refining algorithms and implementing stricter policies, Google aims to ensure users receive more relevant and trustworthy search results. As we progress, these updates promise a better search experience, emphasizing the importance of online relevance and authenticity.

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